Babolat Pure Aero Decima US Tennis Racket

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In commemoration of Rafael Nadal’s tenth French Open title, Babolat decided to  release a special cosmetic version of the Pure Aero, one of the game’s most popular racquets as Pure Aero La Decima.

The racquet showcases the same features as the regular Pure Aero with the inclusion of speed, spin and power. The outlook has a new eye-catching display includes special details such as the Roland Garros logo and dates of each one of Rafa’s victories.

Holding a 11.3 ounce strung weight, the Pure Aero La Decima is not only suitable for intermediates, but it also attracts the advanced players looking for a speedy weapon.

Built with FSI Spin Technology, this racquet features wider spacing between the crosses for increased ball bite (think big spin). Babolat has also enlarged some of the grommet holes, allowing the strings to absorb more vibration and snap the ball out of the stringbed with extra RPMs (think even bigger spin). Although this racquet is lighter than a traditional player’s racquet, it packs a near 330 swingweight.

The upshot is a modern player’s racquet with impressive stability and genuine knock-out power. From the baseline, the Pure Aero La Decima feels crisp, accurate and lively, and it has more than enough pop for ending points with a bang. The Pure Aero La Decima is also a spin machine, which means it will help you hit a heavy ball that drops hard and explodes off the court. Aggressive servers will find enough precision to swing for power, and there is more than enough spin-potential to work the ball into tight spaces.

In conclusion, this is not only a great collectible, but it is a must hit for the aggressive ball striker in search of power and spin. 



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